Monday, July 14, 2014

Match My Fly

I'm a very laid back kind of person but if you know me, you know that when it's time to dress to impress I do just that. I know a lot of people just like me, but when you look at their boyfriend, he doesn't reflect them. Being well dressed isn't everything but it is always great being in a relationship with someone who understands the importance of appearance. I am still in college so most days, I'm in sweats and a crew neck but thats just the college norm. There are some people who take the time out to put together a full fledge outfit everyday but I'm not one of those people. These are what I call the bum years, but when does bumming it go to far? At some point throughout your week you have to remind yourself that you still got it, throw together an amazing outfit and go out on a date with your boyfriend.

What If your boyfriend is lacking in the style department? I know material things aren't everything but what's not to love more than a well dressed man. Personally, I have so much fun browsing the men's department looking for cool clothes I think my boyfriend would love. I admire my boyfriend's style, not only does it match me but it fits him, but somedays his judgement is a little blurred and I'm left asking myself, why would he leave the house in that outfit? He is also a laid back kind of guy and his go-to outfit when going out is skinny jeans, raggedy vans, and button up shirts.  On a questionable day he will leave the house in basketball shorts overlapping long johns matched with his favorite green or red sweatshirt.

It's not that you should love your boyfriend any less because of his lack of style, it's just that some boyfriends need a little help to accomplish their style potential. The most important thing to remember when trying to help your boyfriend is not forgetting who he is, understand his point of view. My boyfriend dresses for comfort, like most guys, but some days it is totally unacceptable.

Dont just throw out every piece of clothing you dislike of his, try adding to his wardrobe by purchasing items you think he might like. When you see him leaving the house just take a minute and ask him, "How about you wear those jeans?" Go out to places that requires him to dress up, and hopefully you'll start to see a change in his style.

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